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The Innovo Process, How it works

First you make the call...589-9877...then we schedule a Free site visit at your convienence. During the site visit we determine the key project features, take measurements and determine the feasibility of the projects requirements. Depending on the complexity of your project, we may make a Free CAD drawing for the proposed project, sometimes with several different options.  It is difficult to accurately quote a job without a design to establish the true scope of a project. After the drawing is complete, we make a detailed Line-item budget/quote so you know how much each component of the project costs. This detailed quote is very useful in nailing down the final budget, because the painful truth is...Most projects cost more than customer thinks they will, so with a Detailed Line item Budget, it is much easier to work with our clients to develop a project that is within their budget, which is always our number one goal. Once we have a final design and a budget, we can work up a contract and get started on the detailed drawings. If the project invloves moving walls or dramtic changes to a room,  it may make sense to make develop a 3-D rendering. This tool is very useful in assuring that all the compoments of a project come together they way the client envisions.

At this point the next question is usually....  How much is this going to Cost? This is always a very difficult question to answer. For additions, so much depends on how it is tied into the existing structure it would be hard to give any meaninful guidelines, but for things like kitchens and baths there are some ways to roughly estimate your project:

Demolition-Surgically removing walls, Sheetrock,Wallpaper, cabinet, tops, flooring, etc.  is a lot harder than it seems, which generally translates into more expensive. We almost always have to take the existing electrical and plumbing into account. How will it be terminated or rerouted? How do we get the debris out of the home without making a mess or damaging floors/walls and furniture? This is the First step so begin by estimating how long it would take you to remove it all...Then, take that amount of time and double it.....and then add 20% and multiply that by $25/hr. and you get close to the amount of time it takes to perform the Demo on you project...but don't forget the Dump! the average job has about $500 in dump fees...All that said, this is typically the #1 thing that customers can do a point...ask me about the Client that tried to remove a gas line! or the one that dropped a Beam on the dining room TableYell.

Cabinets-They begin at around $200 per linear foot, then you have to add in the extras like Crown Molding, species of wood (Cherry or walnut upgrade?)Features like Roll-out pantrys, and trash cans, Bookshelves, etc.

Granite counter-tops can begin at $37, depending on the type of granite but we generaly use $40 as our starting point this includes a standard edge treatment. Then you have to add in $150-200 per "Cut-out" for sinks, cooktops, etc. plus the actual sink  (generally $60 for bathrooms, $150 for kitchen sinks)

Appliances and plumbing fixtures- almost always we have to install appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures, either the old ones or the new ones. In a typical kitchen we charge $500 to install the refrigerator with icemaker, dishwasher, range, microwave, disposal and  faucet. In a typical bathroom we charge $700 to install 2 faucets, toilet, and a tub/shower fixture. 

Flooring-If we have to remove flooring, that is the first thing to consider. Carpet is easy=$.25 sq.ft. , Snap in wood =$.50, Nail-down or glue down flooring or Tile $1.00-2.00 sq.ft. and this genrally covers the dump fees too. We can install Tile floors for as cost-effectively as $2.50 sq.ft.  but most floor tile is in the $2.00 sq.ft. range and it can typically be installed for $2.75 sq.ft. depending on the design, so we start at $4.75 sq.ft. Set up costs on small jobs usually increases this number to $5-$6 sq.ft 

Wall Tile usually starts at $17.00 sq.ft with a $6.00 sq.ft. material allowance. Shower bases with Liners and Tile flooring in start at $45 sq.ft. with a $10 sq.ft. tile allowance)

 Are you adding new walls, windows and doors? moving plumbing, adding electrical? This stuff is  usually too project dependent to give a good guide line put is usually the most crucail part of the project and therefore...more expensive than you think. 

The Builder Fee=25-30% of project costs depending on the size and complexity of the project. This covers our profit, overhead, insurance, warranty and contingency costs. We quote the costs on all the line items in the budget as actual hard costs. These will not change. If we missed a number we do not charge you. Disclaimer...we quote everything Turn-key but sometimes we encounter things in the walls that we could not have anticipated. Usually this is due to a prior installation done improperly that we have to fix. Clients are always consulted in these situations and we are always fair when assessing the repair costs,m because this is the easiset way to lose a good reference. 

 Another useful tool-Remoeling magazines Cost-Vs. Value Report...


 Have we scared you away yet?   If you are still reading you might actually be ready to tackle a remodeling 


How Is Innovo Diffeent?

  1. We are the winner of Angie's List Super Service Award for 5 consectutive years(2012 through 2015) and we are A+ rated by BBB. when we say Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal we mean it! Our Number one priority is your satisfaction and this is demonstrated by the 5 consecutive years winning Angie's List Super Servie Award, one of the Remodeling Industies highest awards. 
  2. We offer complimentary Project design. This is included in the contracted price.  
  3. We work with our Client to develop a detailed scope of work, plans, and a budget. (this is a rarity)
  4. Our quotes are Turn-key, not open ended. 
  5. We specialize in fast-turn project which means on most projects we will give you a guarenteed finish Date.
  6. We offer a 2 year warranty on everything but aplliances and a 5-year warranty against leaks.  
Our Services 
Project  Design and Consulting , Custom Homes,  Kitchen/ Bath Remodels, Custom Cabinetry,  Major Home Renovations , Outdoor Living Areas,  Room Additions,  Roofing,  Window Replacement, Swimming Pools,  Patio/ Pool Cabanas,  Master Suites  Garage Conversions.





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